Weekly events

Monday Night Trivia

Our quizzes cover everything from celebrities in trouble to wordplay  to bad television. 

Winning teams gets street cred, beer cards and other prizes!. Bonus Questions for free pints are sprinkled throughout  the quiz.

You don’t have to be a trivia God to enjoy the quiz. It’s not final friggin' Jeopardy! 7-9pm

Wednesday Night Poker

World Tavern Poker League sets up every Wednesday at Carolina Tap House for a FREE game! Starts at 7pm 

Halloween Party

Oct 27th, Carolina Tap House will be turned into a Haunted Tap House!! Featuring spooky cocktails, candy bar and COSTUME CONTEST! 

..Oh, it will be scary. 

Pints & Poses

Saturday Yoga (Pints & Poses) at Carolina Tap House.